During his downtime from shooting The Hunger Games in Atlanta, Georgia, Josh Hutcherson would go to the park and join in with games of football, or soccer as the American calls it: “I always think if I was in their position, how weird it would be. Just in the park playing a normal soccer game in Atlanta, and all of a sudden, like, ‘Wait, is that fucking Peeta, coming to play? ’”The 22-year-old Chelsea fan laughs, before adding, “That would be so weird.Sometimes me and Woody [Harrelson] would go and play pick-up games – Woody loves to play soccer too – and it’s just a weird thing to be a part of it.”It’s a typical gesture from the actor, who seems determined to make the ordinary out of the extraordinary.Indeed, he’s so mild-mannered and down-to-earth, that it’s hard to think of him as being the star of the biggest franchise to hit our screens this year.

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It’s easy to imagine that were Hutcherson to subject himself to a reality show, such as I’m a Celebrity… ,he would have no problems with winning over voters, he’s incredibly likeable with seemingly no airs and graces.

He plays a straight card when I ask him about the naked photographs of his co-star Lawrence, which were stolen and put on the internet.

Like any good sportsman, he’s determined to defend his team.

“But I don’t want to talk about it because I’m not here to talk about that, but it’s horrible and disgusting that people need to invade other people’s privacy the way they do.

It’s fucking horrible and it makes me angry.”This year The Hunger Games also had to contend with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died during the shooting of the final two Hunger Games films.

A studio executive reported that he had one major emotional scene in Part 2 left to shoot.

As with the final book of the , Part 1 and Part 2, which is scheduled to come out in November next year.

‘I wanna try to take him down.’ You have to be careful.”He should be used to coming under attack by now.

Peeta Mellark, his character in The Hunger Games, is a contestant in a game in which the victor is whoever doesn’t get killed.