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Richard Carew of London publishes The Survey Of Cornwall.

In it, he describes contemporary English wrestling in detail.

According to Carew, Cornwall wrestlers wore short jackets and gripped one another’s sleeve and shoulders as in modern judo.

A standard trick involved trapping the right arm and then backheel tripping.

The Cornwall style was called “in-play.” Devonshire wrestlers wore straw shinguards and clogs, and were allowed to kick one another in the shins. The Devonshire style was called “in-play.” Lancashire wrestlers wore tight jackets or underwear.

The players stood well apart with their knees bent and hands outstretched.

While kicking, hair-pulling, pinching, and the twisting of arms and fingers were prohibited, the full-nelson hold to the neck was allowed, probably because it is so easily escaped by standing wrestlers.

Lancashire wrestling was also known as “catch-as-catch-can,” and is an ancestor of both Olympic free-style and American professional wrestling.