Office is, in general, a different set of tools from days gone by.We aren’t confined to the five-or-so core products, and we can expand the functionality of the Office ecosystem using a massive range of add-ins and templates. Microsoft strongly suggested uninstalling Office 2013, which isn’t currently viable due to work commitments. Much akin to the extended and inclusive testing phase of Windows 10, the Office 2016 preview has now accumulated over 1 million users, each providing valuable feedback, spread across both Windows and Mac operating systems.Using a virtual machine, however is a great way to explore different Office products alongside each other, without having to uninstall your current suite. Office 2016 comes with many key updates, some software specific, some suite-universal.

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Of course, around the Autumn release there will be an offline installation package, but this is pretty handy if, like me, you no longer own a disc-drive and bandwidth is not a limitation.

For instance, typing “change how table looks” immediately delivers a drop down menu featuring Table Styles, Add Table, and more, plus the new Smart Lookup option. The Tell Me box has echoes of fallen antihero One drawback to this system is the very thing that makes it great: its ease of use.

I learned how to use Word and Office by clicking menus.

Not much has changed as Microsoft further integrates the coming Office for Windows 10 mobile apps, and a mass redesign now would potentially alienate users seeking to expand their Microsoft/Windows/Office experience, especially those cross-platform users.

Part of the Microsoft productivity ethos is streamlining operations.

Office 2016 doesn’t come as a mammoth download, rather, it comes in a click-to-run format, streaming the installation directly to your system when needed.

We have seen this before, but it looks like a good step forwards from Microsoft.

The shrouded veil of secrecy has been lifted from the latest edition of Microsoft Office.

Excitement for Office 2016 is still lagging behind the Windows 10 enthusiasm camp, but following the July 29 release of Windows 10, attention will return to the world’s most popular productivity suite.