find the tighest pair of underwear you own put them on then through the underwear not using your hands cum in the underwear and then do that underwear on so the frond is on the back and go sit for a hour Tie your ankles and knees together and restrain your hands in whichever way you can in front of you naked. Then you are not allowed to touch yourself for 1 min, then you may cum. Then get on all 4s and lick your pee like a dog until you cum, while masturbating with toothpaste and continuously shoving ice cubes up you ass every time one melts , spank your asshole 20 times hard after each insertion, Then eat your cum after you've played in with your tongue. Even if you have ten, get to edge and lose viewers before you cum - you must stop and wait for the viewer count to get to ten again to try to a small penny sized target on your forehead. Immediately start going again and you may cum how ever you please.

Cum chat dare game-2

PM me how it went and when the edges just were too much? Make mine something without cumming right away as well.. Masturbate while you do this: you must cum before you finish the bowl. Tie your balls till purple to your big toe, bent legs. Stuff your ass and while standing and balls tide cum on your hand. Send pics before and after cum to my kik: cyber62(Better with headphones) Get Naked, take some Olive Oil, put some in your "free" hand and slowly cover your cock and balls with oil.

the longer you play the longer you will be in denial and oh so much remembering that last orgasm.. ;)Try to cum twice in row in a bowl (your first cum may be a ruined orgasm). Watch some Klixen Handjob videos, on a streaming porn website for an hour: Jerkoff very slowly, breath very deeply, stay hard and feel you hard cock getting harder as you feel decontracted, try to feel the growin heat in your penis.

If you want put Olive oil on your other hand and massage your belly and thigh.

By the end of the hour, you should be so close to the edge that you should feel as if you were going to burst! Then put you're favorite cumpilation video on, and suddenly masturbate as fast as possible, ride the edge the more you can, and when you feel that you're about to cum tighten your grip strongly, slow down your hand motion, with the other hand massage slowly your balls, and cum very very slowly, take the pleasure of a full, long orgasm, keep on strokin slowly for five minutes after you came.

But when you cum place your dick above your face and open wide. What lands on your face you have to smear all over your face.

You can't swallow or wipe your face off until you cum a second time. For the next week, you must only cum into them, and you must cum at least once per day. Gargle it foe 2 minutes, then spit it into an ice cube tray.

If it's not too public, you must also wear them for the entire week. When your cum turns to ice, insert it up your ass, while holding it in edge twice, getting limp in between then cum and release at the same time.

Orgasm on webcam with someone ---------------------- Please make mine orgasm denial Something I can do daily to make it harder to withstand the time frame You know edging and how long till I can orgasm again (make it a while please)Orgasm on webcam with someone ---------------------- Please make mine orgasm denial Something I can do daily to make it harder to withstand the time frame You know edging and how long till I can orgasm again (make it a while please) Good dare but I was hoping for a dare that will last a long time soon in again I got one for you.. Your first orgasm you are allowed after your first edge. your third orgasm only after 4 edges, next orgasm 8 edges. For every next orgasm you have to double your edges!

___________________________ Limits: Scat, pain, blood, bondage, feminization, exhibitionnism, cbt, ruined orgasm, illegal, clothespins, gayvideos, toothpaste etc, denial, violence, submission, more than a day long dare.

Like; cum play/eating, pee, small anal play (including buttplug), long tease, food play, straight videos, jerkoff instructions, shemale videos, cum/suck/anal training, original things, nice orgasm, detailed dares.

Open the closest book to you and open it on a random page.