“Emotional cripple: A pathetic waste of spineless dung that doesn’t have enough balls to look himself in the mirror, in the morning.Well, puts it pretty well.” Payal read out the definition from her 3G phone. He put down his cappuccino cup and crossed his arms. “Rakesh, I’m just telling you how you’ve been behaving with me all these years.

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And that she did with quite a bit of time and effort. We’ve profiled 10 types of male emotional cripples.

Click through to find out about 10 types of female emotional cripples (often seen in combination), the kind of men they’re after, and what they need more than a dude rolling them through life.

got issues and sometimes need multiple attempts to surmount emotional obstacles.

Dan Savage, for example--who ironically began the It Gets Better Campaign to allegedly stop gay bullying--devoted an entire chunk of his sordid life working to link former Senator Rick Santorum's name to an internet definition of excrement mixed with semen; if you doubt me, look it up.

Ami will admit that throughout much of her 20s she used an emotional wheelchair to help her get around. It’s our responsibility as mature women to be aware of our emotional obstacles and to manage them.

Even though we feel that women may be more open to tackling the emotional obstacles that cripple them, there are still a lot of ladies out there rolling around in wheelchairs or soliciting a man to push them.

But she made it her mission to get up and walk again. We may never totally eradicate them but we must do what is necessary to stay healthy and keep on walking (or at least limping) through life.

When we act for money, we are rational, but self-centred. ” Rakesh gingerly put down his spoon in the coffee saucer.

“No arguments, please, not now, not ever.” Payal placed her clenched fists on the table.

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