I typically want nothing to do with my ex, except that we still usually share one important thing: mutual friends.So, what do you do when your mutual friends invite both of you to a party, dinner or other social event?Do you politely decline, feigning illness, or do you brave it out and hope that he doesn’t show up with his latest showpiece of a girlfriend?

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I’m reminded of a friend who was in love with a good friend of hers for at least a year. There are a couple of new i Phone apps that launched this week, and I’m scared to download them.

She would check his FB page every hour, and obsess over girls in every photo, or who he had just friended, or what his relationship status was. If you are a player and want to hook up, there’s one for you.

This example is kind of extreme, but when it comes to dating, we have to back away from the computer. Or, if you are jaded and would rather clean your cat’s litterbox than suffer through another lame date, yep—there’s one for you, too.

We all go a little nuts with the information super highway at our fingertips.

If I’m about to go on a blind date, of course I Google the guy to make sure he has no police record and he is who he claims to be.

After the date, I may friend him on Facebook, or start following his tweets. We text to plan the date, text our friends during the date, and if we have romantic feelings after, we’ll send flirtatious texts to rekindle the romance.Unfortunately, when we start checking these resources a little too frequently, it could work against us. So, it is only fitting that the world of dating be accessible through your phone—your i Phone that is.Break-ups are never easy, and interacting with someone I haven’t quite gotten over is a lose-lose situation. Have you remained friends, or do you go out of your way to avoid any kind of interaction? Members of Ok Cupid have an opportunity to enter the Who Has the Best Online Dating Profile Contest.This contest is intended to show off the smart, attractive, diverse and very dateable people who are currently using Ok Cupid (speaking of which, are you a current Ok Cupid member who’d like to enter the contest – click here).The Who Has the Best Online Dating Profile Contest is open to all Ok Cupid members.Non-members will have the opportunity to vote either on Ok Cupid or through one of a dozen blogs that are working with Ok Cupid to showcase the contest.