By now, you’ve heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger was banging the hired help while he was married and having kids with his wife. I suppose they never read my 2008 article “Political Sex Scandals”. When it comes to dating, there are only three types of guys: So.. If you’re not hip to the facts, according to CNN: A son fathered by Arnold Schwarzenegger with his housekeeper was born less than a week after Maria Shriver gave birth to another Schwarzenegger son, according to birth records obtained Wednesday by CNN. How do you feel about yourself when you spend all this time and energy, attaining a position of power, and then you can’t do what you actually want to do with your life?I suppose they also never saw this video of Schwarzenegger in Brazil back in the day: Does this look like a dude that’s interested in one female? When I hear that some dude has a teenage kid with his hired help, my two reactions are, a) “Sucks to be you.. The New York Times, citing two friends of the family, reported the mother was Mildred Patricia Baena, who worked for two decades as housekeeper for the Schwarzenegger family. o_OWhat’s the point of attaining anything in life at all?

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How come you have to sneak behind your woman’s back and hook up with the hired help? If a chick doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut about the fact that y’all are hooking up, she’s either worthless or a liability. One of the benefits to hooking up with the hired help is that she’s already on the payroll.

You’re already paying her to do things for you, so all you have to do is extend her job description.

You’re also already paying her to keep her mouth shut.

You don’t want her blabbing to the tabloids about what goes on in your house when she’s mopping the ******* floor, so discretion is pretty much built-in if you decide to start screwing her.

If you’re a celebrity, they’re bragging to their friends about whose **** they just ****** as soon as they can wash their hands and pick up their Blackberry or i Phone.

The hired help isn’t going to do this to you because she wants to keep getting paid. She also knows that she would have hooked up with you for free, anyway…

Like, if you would have met her in a club and pressed up on her, she would have been like “But Where Does Homey Sign? If you’ve decided to go the sucker route of promising an exclusive relationship to a chick and then continuing your single lifestyle as if whatever’s clever, you most definitely need to *NOT* be seen with the chick(s) you’re hooking up with.

This is one of the reasons people like Charlie Sheen specialize in hookers.

If you hook up with random groupies, they’re going to have your business all over Facebook before you wake up the next morning.