If you would like to feature CRCC Asia in an article about China, or learn more about our services please feel free to contact us for more details.CCTV London explores the consistently increasing influx of international students to China who pursue internships in hopes of gaining professional and academic edge in their careers.Read more on CCTV (external link) Two Britons who spotted an opportunity to capitalise on the rising demand for international skills have organised more than 5,000 internships in China and are set to turn over more than £3.5 million this year.

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CRCC Asia is proud to have been featured in a wide range of different media outlets, as part of our work connecting China with the global community through internship placements in Beijing, Sanya, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

In addition to being featured in a variety of international publications CRCC Asia has also received a number of business awards for our work engaging China with the global community.

We have received the Cathay Pacific China Business Award in 2010 and were a winner at the British Business Awards in 2012.

Below are the links to our recent media coverage which you can read for yourself.

Read more on Daily Mail (external link) Over the past decade, 33-year-old entrepreneurs Ed Holroyd Pearce and Dan Nivern have been building up their China-focused internship business, CRCC Asia, placing graduates from 150 countries with big corporates in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzen and now Hong Kong.

Read more on The Telegraph (external link) "Michael Benson, Asia Pacific regional manager for CRCC Asia, said: ‘’We are definitely seeing strong interest in our programmes from British students who are realising there is a growing economic connection between the UK and China.Financial, business and engineering sectors are certainly the most popular among interns.’’"Read more on The Telegraph (external link) "For ambitious young students like Van Dyke, summers spent on the beach don’t cut it anymore, and this trend will continue, says CRCC Asia’s Pearce.“Students can’t take a summer vacation or get a job at the local bar,” he adds.“They have to make themselves global citizens.”"Read more on Bloomberg Businessweek (external link) "...CRCC Asia, which works in Chinese consultancy and recruitment, insists all participants attend an intensive and educational induction day.On their first full day in China, they explore these cultural concepts, and in doing so how – at an introductory level - to successfully navigate the choppy waters of Chinese business etiquette."Read more on The Independent (external link) "It's a sign that British entrepreneurs are becoming more adept at building relationships in the Far East.