When you distribute a form, Acrobat DC automatically creates a PDF Portfolio for collecting the data submitted by users.By default, this file is saved in the same folder as the original form and is named In some workflow scenarios, individuals submit filled-in forms as data-only files rather than as complete PDF files.

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Hello, My first post is on something that is troubling me.

I have a Form acting as the display and entry point for data for a contact list, which is composed of two Tables as follows: Contact - (text fields including: first name, last name, phone number home, phone number work, etc) Industry Role - (yes/no tick boxes including: film, photographer, audio engineer, producer, reporter, etc) The two Tables have a one to one relationship based on the URN field which is an autonumber.

My problem is that when someone enters say a name, and then ticks a box, the autonumber will add two entries because it seems to see the first table then the second tables as sequential, and not the same thing.

How do i go about making a form that can enter new records the same autonumber for two connected Tables?

You can save the information in a completed PDF form as a data file in another file format.

Later, you can reuse the data to fill in the form again or another form with the same fields and field names.Use Tracker to manage the forms that you have distributed or received.Tracker allows you to view and edit the location of the response file, track which recipients have responded, add more recipients, email all recipients, and view the responses for a form.The Libre Office suite of tools includes a very powerful database application ─ one that happens to be incredibly user-friendly.These databases can be managed/edited by any user and data can be entered by anyone using a Libre Office-generated form.These forms are very simple to create and can be attached to existing databases or you can create both a database and a form in one fell swoop.