Metric is Emily Haines, James Shaw, Joshua Winstead And Joules Scott-Key, represented here by Emily and tour manager, Brandon. There’s something that happens like, you know the extent of it and the only way for you to function is to embrace like, the most repulsive thing you can imagine. Whereas if you had access to excellent food you might actually have an appetite. But its crazy—like ten percent a year increase of children taking fucking anti-depressants. He said..symptom needs treating..example, a kid with torette’s, right? Like the gloss on it, its so repulsive to me..yarn that’s knit on top of it.I think part of the function of American food is to make you feel sick. Definitely, like, being on the road, and seeing how average Americans eat is just so terrifying. And they have that facial’s making the kids at the school tease them then yes, a medication that is going to eliminate that stigma is a good idea. I mean, the only way Americans are gonna care about that war is if more Americans start dying.

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And not just like...see, it contributes to the problem when someone feels like, even the fucking psychiatrist is like [Mocking, pirate-like voice] “Ah, you’re driving me nuts. Its like, “oh, my life is worth nothing, my whole family’s life has never been worth anything. ” With the disproportionate gap between realities...

Just take this and go away.” It’s really not effective at all. I really find that the most disgusting thing, I mean—anything that fits in the context is immune to being called terrorism—it doesn’t make any sense.

And that forever, depression has been like [Pause] that’s sadness! Maybe people are sad on such a scale now, I mean, maybe the masses are just so fucked up that like, the advent of these medications is to deal with the increase in numbers. That’s funny how you remember the first Gulf War ‘cause I remember it completely different.

And we’ve all accepted this idea that it’s a disease and it really has been like a year and a half, this’s fuckin’ terrifying man! I can tell and I’ve gotten three people off them so far. I was younger—I was ten and we watched the war every Thursday in class and it was just basically propaganda...

And two of them had attempted suicide while on them. Yea, that was the beginning of the new awareness of how you can package a war.

I just think in general, and I’m obviously not a doctor, but Howard Zinn has this amazing—I’m sure you’ve heard this—his thing is like, the reason that we are not involved more in our lives is ‘cause everyone feels like just because you’re a citizen, you’re not a fucking expert in anything. They watch cartoons and sit in front of the television and their parents are just probably yuppies who focus their entire lives around the child. And everything that goes along with it including the news channels.

Its like, because I’m not a doctor, I shouldn’t say anything about kids on pills but, his thing is that everyone is entitled to a moral—there are no experts on morality. The child has no sense of context, no sense of what world they are inhabiting—just like this Disnified bag of Cheerios reality. I just think, who’s the guy that goes “Attack on Iraq? [Looks at Stewart] You’re into graphic design and shit....

The members of Metric answer the question, "Which song in the history of pop music do you wish you'd written, and why?

" Shot April 3, 2009 at the Sound Academy in Toronto, ON.