Sipowicz and Clark go to arrest a shooting suspect and Sipowicz ends up pushing a woman down to the floor.Medavoy and Jones catch an older woman who has been severely beaten and bound with tape.The investigation leads them to a high school student caught using the woman's credit card, and a friend of Clark's shows up at the 15th to tell Clark his name has popped up in the investigation of a murdered prostitute.

IAB shows up to interview Clark about his involvement with the murdered prostitute.

Clark insists she was an unregistered confidential informant, but that does not look good for Clark, especially when he's told that he may be looked at for her murder.

Clark immediately rushes out to meet his father, who he is covering for.

Sipowicz and Clark run a game on Lyle, to get him to give up Money T.

Lyle gives them a location where they could find Money T, but when they raid the place, they turn up just a couple of dealers and a small amount of dope.

When they return to the station, Clark tells Sipowicz he's protecting his father.

As they leave their car, shots ring out, and an innocent bystander is killed.

Sipowicz goes to tune up Lyle, but is stopped by Clark.

The two almost come to blows when Lieutenant Rodriguez enters and calms things down.

Sipowicz and Clark go at Lyle, who gives up the fortress Money T hides out in.

Medavoy and Jones bring in a kid named Joseph as a suspect in the beating of the old lady.