She continued : ‘I accept the evidence of Sophia Barta that this man had previously seriously assaulted her on the sanctuary premises in a manner which would appear strikingly similar to the attack which later took her mother's life.Foreign Secretary William Hague has twice written to the Hungarian authorities asking them to hand over details of their inquiries so Scotland Yard can review the case but they have steadfastly refused.‘Ironically, Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, was in London giving a speech on European Traditional Values, as the inquest took place.Surely truth, justice and transparency should be high among them.

Caretaker Csaba Augusztinyi admitted killing the former model and socialite With the support of Amnesty International, Ms Barta, from Chelsea, West London, and her mother successfully took court action against Peter but pressure from the authorities meant a series of further trials with the final one set for the month after Ms Rhodes was murdered.

Ms Majlath, whose work on mine clearance was recognised with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, said Zoltan Peter had threatened to have her sister killed as legal proceedings continued between them over the attack.

All three found blood traces inside her Land Rover but the police failed to impound the vehicle.

Worried that a cover up was under way, she moved the vehicle to a house Ms Barta owned but it disappeared, the inquest heard.

The family of Eva Rhodes, a friend of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, claimed officer Horvath Zoltan Peter had a grudge against the 65-year-old and was linked to both her murder at the animal sanctuary she ran in a remote Hungarian town in September 2008 and an orchestrated cover up by the authorities there.

The victim’s sister Judith Majlath, a Nobel peace prize winner, told how the policeman had even been part of the investigation into the disappearance and murder despite personally threatening previously Mrs Rhodes would be ‘eliminated.’Two Scotland Yard detectives were at Westminster Coroners Court in Central London to hear the horrific story of how Mrs Rhodes had been bludgeoned to death and her body butchered and burned in the grounds of the sanctuary she ran in Gyor, in north-west Hungary.One of her assistants, Csaba Augusztinyi, 33, a weight-lifter and wanted criminal, later confessed and was jailed for 13 years but passing a verdict of unlawful killing, Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox called into question the findings of the investigations in Hungary.Dr Wilcox highlighted how examinations carried out in the UK on the victim’s remains by a forensic anthropologist showed Mrs Rhodes had died as a result of a ‘multitude of skull fractures’ in a ‘frenzied physical assault’ which conflicted with Augusztinyi's evidence that a punch to the face and single blow to the head had killed her. The 65-year-old disappeared in September 2008 from her home in Gyor, near Budapest in Hungary.It was subsequently partly supported by donations from animal lovers in the UK and a payment from Yoko Ono. Scorsese’s film is projected on a two-story brick wall at the back of the nightclub. Watching Leonardo Di Caprio’s floor-to-ceiling face staring down at me, I can’t help but laugh. Had I flown 15 hours, on two planes, just to land back at my doorstep?A Hungarian man next to me throws a few “dollars” in the air and shouts, “Make it rain! Budapest has long been touted as the next Prague, a city criticized for trading its soul for tourist dollars.