I will explain how whenever they Hire English teacher even not undergraduate they are ready to pay more 2.4m won minimum.But when it comes to skilled immigrate, even they are Master, Or Ph D they even don't want to pay 2.0M won in the beginning.

mbc dating foreigners video-6

Everyone know in Korean red light area (prostitute area) why Korean women don't like sex with foreigner, even with money . So don't be surprise when they says foreigner bring AIDS to Korea and specially USA people(sorry no offense ).

There is another big reason of this kind of situation so they need to make this kind of program.

The mentality of looser from USA who came to Korea without any qualification and when they realize they are kind of god because they are white then they start to play with different girls and start to believe they are the biggest playboy in Korea.

But when they again go back in their country and realize.. But there is big difference as someone said previously "that what more you can expect from the people in Bar".

This is really..a really disgusting portrayal of foreigners by MBC, the kinds of things you deal with as foreigner in Korea (sometimes).

Subtitles are credited thanks to: believe there are always two side of story but unfortunately MBC didn't show another side of story.

But everyone know its really not much different then what we already know. The root of this problem is Korean girls mentality which is develop from her childhood.

You know I know Korean people are racist, you can take an example of teaching or dating everywhere its same.

oops it only happen in Korea not in their hometown so they again come back and start teaching English in Korea. I believe Korean girls are a great fan of western culture and they know bar and Club is also one of the famous place to find soul partner.