There are millions of single women open to interracial dating which is why I urge men to free their minds.

When Sanaa Lathan’s character did it in the movie “Something New”, most of us brushed it off saying it was just a movie.

In the movie, she finds love through internet dating with a white landscaper.

The thing is, like it or not, interracial personals are real and it’s the in thing.

I know so many people who have gone online, created their interracial personals and found interracial love.

There are very many sexy women you can hook up with online who have created interracial personals too.

It’s all about freeing your mind and believing in the power of internet dating.

Much as some of us look for interracial hook-ups out of curiosity, some people end up finding love in the process.

When you go online, you will find interracial personals of various sexy single women; some divorced and others just unattached.

Very many of our attitudes polarize internet relationships.