On the show, she's discussed everything from getting her tramp stamp removed to how to incorporate flowers into your home, but today's video is especially pertinent: First-date outfit ideas, "wifey" looks, and the difference between dressing for a guy and dressing for a girl.Do you know the difference between an outfit that’s ok to wear in front of a girl vs. Well if not, Nicole Richie can explain it to you on her latest episode of !!

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'I haven't seen Nicole in a long time, and she's been so busy with having her two babies.'Coincidentally, Hilton also crossed paths with her ex-boyfriend Benji Madden - twin brother of Nicole's fiance Joel.

Paris dated the Good Charlotte rocker for nine months, but they split in November 2008.

star gives her friends fashion advice too, particularly when it comes to dressing up for date night. With the help of her friend Ben Lyons, the trio headed to Satine in Los Angeles to get Erin ready for her hot date.

We're just two completely different people; we don't have that much in common.'The two have remained distant since, although it had been reported that their feud had come to an end.

In the meantime, Nicole Richie has had two children, while Paris has been spending time promoting her various products around the world, and dating boyfriend Doug Reinhardt.

It wasn't until the death of their mutual friend Casey Johnson that the two friends finally patched up their differences and realised the importance of their friendship.

In January this year, Hilton told Life & Style magazine: 'On such a sad day it brought a smile to my face to at least have one dear friend back in my life.

It's been quite some time since they were pictured, and you could be forgiven for thinking the BFFs had fallen out with each other again.

But Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have been spotted with one another at the Victoria's Secret 15th Swimsuit Anniversary at Trousdale Nightclub in Beverly Hills.