A rare raunchy Western sex manual is set to go under the hammer - filled with 17th century erotica and graphic love-making tips.

Men are told to instead "let the woman lye still and quiet" with her legs crossed upon another and raised a little, so the 'seed' doesn't "shed or split".

Women hoping to conceive are also warned not to talk, cough or sneeze after sex.

As well as offering advice for lovers, the title is filled with information on women's bodies, pregnancy and childbirth - and the things that can go wrong.

Chapters include the "signs of barrenness", "monstrous births and the reasons whereof" and "the fabrick of the womb".

Read more: Almost 100 children aged 10 to 14 killed themselves in the last 10 years "When the husband cometh into his wives chamber, he must entertain her with all kind of dalliance, wanton behaviour, and allurements to venery," it begins.

The author adds: "He must cherish, embrace and tickle her, and shall not abruptly, the nerves being suddenly distended, break into the field of nature." Read more: Mum horrified after daughter, 12, finds PORN while searching on Amazon for teenage books The husband should instead "creep in by little and little", smothering his lover with lustful and shameless "wanton kisses and wanton words".

All the while, the author recommends the man handle "her secret parts and dugs".

It also advises that, in order to get a woman pregnant, the husband should not let "air strike into the open womb" as this could "corrupt the seeds before they are perfectly mixed together".

It even tells women how to get pregnant with a boy or girl - which depends on the position they assume after sex.