As young children, Joel and Luke Smallbone never heard of Thanksgiving.

Eventually they settled in Music City with dreams of making a living — if not hitting it big — in the music industry.

The family of soon-to-be nine packed into two rooms at the iconic Union Station Hotel because it offered free breakfast.

Joel Smallbone was 7 and remembers checking the pay phones for change and eating as much as he could at breakfast because he knew it might be his only meal.

Oldest sister Rebecca Smallbone changed her name professionally to Rebecca St.

James and became one of the genre's best-known female artists.

Brothers Joel and Luke formed what is now Christian pop rock duo For King & Country in 2011, and now the Dove Award-winners are following in her footsteps.But life didn't always have such an even tempo."We were all young enough to not feel the gravity of the situation," St.James said of life when the family first moved to the U. "We were on the other side of the world and didn't know much of anybody and were sleeping on the floor and didn't know where our income was coming from."Mom made it an adventure.And we were praying for miracles and seeing them happen."Long trip The trip from Australia to Nashville wasn't easy — or cheap.The parents used most of their family's money to fly the six children and themselves to America for that job in Nashville.They took a train from California to Memphis and then made their way east in the heat of August.