Joey takes a job as a substitute teacher--in Michelle's classroom. Carruthers (guest star MARCIA WALLACE) becomes Joey's not-so-secret admirer. Danny asks the mother of Stephanie's friend Gia out on a date--causing Michelle to rebel.Joey is surprised when the French woman he asked out on a date arrives with her husband.Jesse is nervous about his first appearance with his new band.

Michelle forces Jesse to take her to return it on Christmas eve but the store clerk wont budge.

He presses a button that calls the police after Jesse insists forcefully. Joey comes home from a two-week comedy tour to watch the Super Bowl Game, forgetting that he and Jesse had volunteered to take Michelle's science group to the museum that day. sets out to perform the ultimate senior prank in an attempt to top her Uncle Jesse.

He takes them to the local bar so that he can watch the game and promises the kids that they will have fun. Jesse is embarrassed to admit he can't play basketball. She got the idea to lift Principal Robolard's car onto the school roof via a crane driven by Kimmy's boyfriend.

When the TV gets broke the guys brings all the mad football fans to there house to watch the game, interrupting DJ's college interview. J and Kimmy plan a celebrity charity basketball game, D. Jesse is coached by a pro--KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR (himself). The prank took off without a hitch with just two small problems: It began to rain, and the car was a convertible.

Synopsis: Both Joey and Stephanie try to turn friendly dinners into romantic first dates: Josh takes Stephanie out for pizza, and Joey invites his boss, Alison, to the house for dinner.

Teaser: Becky and Michelle teach the twins how and where to clean.

Main Synopsis: 5th grader Stephanie‘s friend Josh asks Stephanie if she wants to go out with him and the rest of the baseball team to a pizza parlor and just hang out. J.‘s help, Stephanie makes the mistake of thinking that this will be more than just hanging out -- Stephanie thinks this is going to be her first date.

When the guys turn out to be totally reckless drivers, Stephanie is torn between her better judgment, and her desire to let loose and have fun.

Meanwhile, the adults all become addicted to Michelle's video game.

Michelle saves up to buy the perfect present for her father for Christmas.

Later Becky buys the same present as a gag gift for Joey, and the whole family Laughs at it.