Are you ready to learn how to spray paint your light fixtures?My kitchen light fixture needed to get out of the 80s y’all. Ick…Spray your entire fixture with at least two coats. Yes it is dry to touch quickly but the paint has not fully cured and hardened.

updating light fixtures with spray paint-66

I only had to purchase the actual spray paint..Oil Rubbed Bronze {or ORB as I call it}. So, instead of spending $150 on new fixtures, I spent $8 {along with a couple of hours of work}. Please note, if you're wanting to use this technique on other brass items {like door knobs or towel bars}, I would lightly sand {maybe just with steel wool} first.

Since those are items that are actually touched more and "dealt with" a lot more, you want to treat them a bit differently.

But since I don't touch my light fixtures much {maybe once a year to change the bulbs}, I didn't worry about the sanding on these. I had to be pretty careful to turn pieces over to get every crevice and bar and screw.

First I headed to Walmart for my light bulbs and spray paint. We shortened the chain and wire when hanging it back up. This is literally a scrap of fabric and some hot glue.

No one is going to be climbing up there to critique your workmanship.

We've been wanting to replace our outdoor brass light fixtures for quite some time {we're talking yeeeeears here}.

There's three of these on the front of our home {two on either side of the garage and one by the front door}.

We priced them out and figured it would be around 0 for three new ones.

I convinced the hubs I could totally paint ours..wasn't so sure I could pull this one off {pffft}.