Updating Norton anti-virus can be done easily from its interface.Just follow the following very few steps and you're done.

Intrusion Protection defends your PC from web-based attacks so y Enter your state hereou can surf with confidence.

And new Vulnerability Protection blocks security holes in your PC’s operating system, applications, browsers, and browser plug-ins to prevent hackers from exploiting them.

Traditional signature and heuristic file scanning engines form the backbone of Symantec’s security solutions; these engines use dozens of techniques to scan files for both known as well as unknown threats.

Just a week before Christmas I received a message that an update for Norton Internet Security 2006 needed to be installed, so I followed the prompt and started the process.

I received an error message the first time that the update couldnt be completed and that I must restart my laptop and try to install the update again.

Upon completion of the restart and a second try at the update, the entire application was deleted.

Since then I cannot seem to download anything that resembles a virus scan.

Have I picked up a virus or what In July this year, I bought Norton 360 and installed it in my Laptop.

In October, my Laptop crashed and I had to re-install the OS once again.

Now I am in a dilemma, I cannot re-install the Norton Antivirus as I have misplaced the CD along with its product key.

Community Q&A Any anti-virus software must be updated regularly as virus definitions increase day by day.