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when to meet the kids when dating-9

I work hard to keep my parenting and social lives completely separate -- my kids don't meet *any* woman unless I know she's a serious interest and is going to be in my life for a long time to come.

Like you, I don't want my kids forming attachments to someone who could disappear suddenly.

And I don't want them constantly wondering "Could this be my stepmom? My kids have never had a problem meeting any of the women I date. My girls meet lost of my friends, not just my dates and some of those friends move on too. I see issues out there and it is kind of sad that parents project these issues on the kids.

I've really been struggling with letting men into my kids lives because I don't want them to suffer a loss if things don't work out.

I've learned that I can't stay in a relationship with a man just because he likes them and they like him, but it really is a factor when considering anyone long term. The last man I dated seriously, my kids got to know, we did stuff together, they ( and his son) came over for dinner, we would spend a saturday either at my house or his, as a group doing chores and things.

We saw him every day for 6 months almost.( I dated him for 9 months+) Now my kids have lost that contact.He is a nice guy and I know would maintain a relationship with them headed towards a more gradual "growing away" model but still the loss is there, and besides, I don't want to ask that of him, I do care about him and suspect that he needs distance right now.For now, I'm just taking a break from dating in general.I really don't know how I would handle this in the future..I feel a bit gun shy about the whole dating thing, this being one of the reasons why. Thanks, Ironica I personally don't let anyone meet any of my kids grown or not until at least 6 months or when we both agree that we are exclusive, I made that mistake once and that was enough for me.Good Luck and take your time Happy Holidays to you and your family It's tough.